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Presenting a cross-section of projects from many talented students.

(All artwork concepts & art reserved to the individual student. Shown and reviewed for educational research only.)

Roles as instructor:

-Art Director

-Anatomy/perspective advisor

-Process check and presentation

-Story as a tool introduction & follow-up

-Introducing advanced drawing techniques

Concept Art:

Character and Object Design,

Advanced Drawing for Animation

& Background Layout

Designs Courses:


Various Digital Art

process & projects. 

Other Projects:

Sculpture for Animation,

Animal Anatomy for Animators,

Concept Design &

Illustration for Games.

A mixture of traditional art

and animal/insect research.

Digital and mixed media.

Graphic Novel for Print & Web.
Each student created their own

stories & art. 

My role was creative director

& print co-coordinator. 

Copies released to local comic book shops.