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The Senior Team animation challenge!

To pitch, concept, design and animate then... publicly screen...& enter an International Film Festival  ALL in 11 weeks!  

My role as Creative Director include:


- Introduce ....Story is King!

- Follow the 12 principles of animation.

- Oversee student experience of the "team" environment of a deliverable on a deadline.

- Follow a design process of pitch, script, storyboards, animatic and production to final presentation.

- Introduce Audio and Foley/ Sound design

- Research what has been discovered

in industry by the lineage & development of animations for budgets and timelines

-Oversee teams undergo "shred sessions" of critiques, revisions and follow ups.

- Introduce self critique & projects Post-Mortens.

- Understand & follow industry pipeline process.

Assets created using Photoshop & After Effects and various animations & sound editing programs. 

Some of the animation screenings include:

The Crocker Art Museum, Tower Theater, The Crest Theater, Woodland Opera House.

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